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Peace ElamJad Born Allah
God I have been dealing with service from black business for long time. From follwers of farhkhan and muhammad speaks and u- god are the only one who live out the nation of i-s-l-a-m is all wise and does everything right and exact. God your service is excellent and I will be doing business with you again in the very near future.

Peace Born King Allah


I just got the shirts and they are sweet. The only thing was the Atomic Flag shirt wasn't as long as the other 3X shirt b.u.t it fits though. It was nice doing business with you. By any chance would you be able to put those NGE Imprints on shorts?

C. M.


I ordered these shirts for my God and he is loving them. After making knowledge born regarding the delayof the product, We are more than happy to support you as many times as possible. Peace in your business ventures.

Rasheeda Peace,

I received the shirt and I'm very pleased. Thank you. I do have one request and also an idea for a shirt that I'm looking to purchase if you can manufacture it. I would like to buy a shirt with the classic picture of The Father and first born Justice, made in the similar style that the 85ers are making their false rap icons. If you can born this idea I would greatly appreciate it, as would the rest of the nation.


Ideal Allah

Peace God!

I received my NGE Power papers in exactly three business days. Doing business with you was easy and convenient. I felt very comfortable using my credit card via the Paypal System. They encrypted all of my personal info, and I anxiously await the add ons to your website so I can make more purchases. And the resurrection of the NGE Power is essential. If I can do anything to help, please let me know.

In the name of Allah, the Original Black Man and his Queen Mecca, the Mother of Civilization.

Your A-Alike in light,

Shakhem C Allah AKA Arcane

I have received my order and everything is right and exact. I appreciate the timeliness of the transaction. The turnaround is commendable. Continued Sucess. Peace.

Today @ 1:46pm I received the package containing my T-Shirts. I have not check out the print, material, fittings etc. I am satisfied with the diligent service of G-Line Nation Wear, certainly manifesting positive and productive energy. My family will continue to support the Righteous Economy.... :)

KEEP BUILDING!!! Peace Brother!!


Peace 7,

As you cee God, I like the service and product so much I went deep and bought more shirts. If a God can spend gold with the devil why not my brother? Am I not my brothers keeper???? Keep doing what you doing God… 8!

Infinite Allah
Peace 7

This is Shaahim Allah and I wanted to extend my sincere thanks and
appreciation for the fast turn around on my order. I was very pleased with the
merchandise and everything was in order. I plan to do business with you again in the near future god, as well as inform my a-alikes. Continue to do business as such and you will flourish exponentially!!! Peace
Sha Allah

Peace 7 thank u god for geting the shirt to me. I respect how u handle business and I will be doing more buisness in the future with u god. Keep seting the bar high on how we deal with cooperative economics in our great nation PEACE!!!!

Infinite I Allah

I received the shirts today, everything is right & exact. Please knowledge that the service is precise and I will continue to do business with G-Line. Peace

Queen N.W.

Peace God, I just received my order yesterday, AND I MUST SAY THAT I AM THOROUGHLY PLEASED. I love the shirt manifesting the knowledge degree in the student enrollmentI will be ordering more soon, and good looking out on the (NGE) Power Paper. Gratefully, ALLAH ALWAYS